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This Service Had Been Suspended

But coming back soon

Please reach out to me directly if you have the will know more about this service.

Receive an email when the teacher upgrades your homework or test grade

It is such a pain to check the student portal every day and still miss finding the updated tests’ grades on time. I spent 4 months overcoming all the problems in crawling the school portal powered by Blackbaud since they made the portal so highly secured with a dozen of redirections during the security check process and a series of cookies that no other student in the SBS is able to access and crawl (although you can download the cookies manually, which is still a painful process). Anyway, here it is. Register below with your email address and password for your school account. You’ll receive an email notification when any of your assignment’s grades is published by your teacher. 

Security of Your SBS Account

The password of your SBS account is essential for the grade crawler to function. I don’t want my personal information to be shared with others, and I know your concerns about the security of your account. I take care of the security of your account information just like how I take care of my own.

All of the data passing through this website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that you can find a “lock icon” on the left side of the website link. This makes this website safer than 人民网. Feel free to click here to check the certificate of my website.

The account information you submit through this website would never be shown to anybody else. The database is stored in my MacBook with my own encryption algorithm, which means that, technically, the data is secondly encrypted by Apple. And, the grade updates will be directly sent to your email address by an automatic email sender built by me. This part is secured by Gmail, or, Google. So, instead of yourself, no other people have any way to have the access to your personal information.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Sincere Thanks To

Alex Huang
for being my roommate

Nathan Cheng
for giving some technical advice

My father
for helping me solve those major problems that were keeping me from finishing this project

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